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The construction process begins with a feasibility study, preparation of project documentation, design supervision and subsequent coordination of projects with relevant authorities. It is here that we at NBS-ENGINEERING Ltd. support our clients.

Conformity assessment services for investment projects offered by NBS-ENGINEERING Ltd. - guarantee the quality of design, identify and avoid design risks and meet all requirements, regulations and standards.


The contracting authorities have the opportunity to choose whether their investment projects to be reviewed and approved by an expert council of the respective municipal administration or to assign the activity to a qualified consulting team. Practice shows that a large number of contracting authorities choose to trust a consulting team because of shorter deadlines and lower costs for fees due.

During the conformity assessment phase of your construction project, you must be confident in the quality of the design and identify and avoid design risks. We offer a wide range of services to help you through every phase of the design process. Our design services ensure that your project can fulfill its purpose and meet functional, regulatory, effective and financial requirements.

The services offered by the specialists of NBS-ENGINEERING Ltd. include:

  • establishing the legality of the existing constructions;
  • establishing the legality of the issued sketch (design visa) with the applied method of construction, issued in accordance with the entered into force PUP;
  • assistance to the Investor in feasibility studies, acquaintance with normative acts for design and Euro codes, at the moment of elaboration of the project;
  • assistance to the Investor at the time of project development;
  • control for application of project safety requirements, including: bearing capacity, fire safety, hygiene, environmental protection, heat storage and energy saving, labor safety during construction;
  • control for implemented coordination of the project with all specialized control bodies and operating enterprises depending on the construction site;
  • control to establish the available coherence between the different parts of the project;
  • control to establish the correct design of installations and engineering systems;
  • monitoring for complete completion of the project documentation;
  • monitoring compliance with the requirements for the design of installations and engineering systems;
  • consulting on available preliminary contracts for connection by the operating companies on their financial and technical feasibility according to the requirements of the Investor.

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