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NBS-ENGINEERING Ltd. has a certificate for valuations of real estate, agricultural land and perennials.

The services provided by our experts include preparation of assessments for various purposes - lending, sales, accounting needs, certification of financial statements, transactions between related parties, determination of rental or lease payments, development of investment projects, valuation of various property rights, determination of insurance values and all other cases when you want to know the value of your assets.


What is an expert assessment of real estate?

The real estate appraisal is the value determined by a licensed appraiser with the legal capacity to prepare real estate appraisals and based on professional appraisal methods, which are selected according to the purpose and the assignor of the specific appraisal.

NBS-ENGINEERING Ltd. offers the following types of real estate appraisals performed by a licensed appraiser:

  • Land properties - NUPI, PI, UPI
  • Residential properties - apartments, houses, floor of a house, villas, residential buildings / complexes and adjacent to them - parking lots, garages, parking lots
  • Commercial properties - separate shops or those located in a commercial building, mall-type sites, restaurants, service sites, commercial buildings / complexes
  • Office buildings - separate offices, administrative / office buildings
  • Industrial sites - enterprises, warehouses, agricultural sites, production and infrastructure facilities
  • Tourist sites - hotels, motels, museums, guest houses and the like
  • Revenue-generating sites - gas stations, gas stations, energy sites (HPPs, HPPs, etc.)
  • Public sites - sports fields and facilities, medical and educational institutions, public transport sites
  • Mixed type buildings
  • State / municipal sites


  • The assessments of agricultural lands cover all lands in the land of settlements - fields, pastures, meadows, orchards, vineyards and others.
  • Evaluations of perennial crops include all orchards, vineyards, as well as all gardens planted with perennials, taking into account annual fruiting, product quality, remaining plant life, relevant facilities and property improvements (irrigation systems, drainage, regulatory systems and other ancillary equipment), the state of the market of the respective production.

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