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Investment control of "NBS-Engineering" Ltd - manage and control your project - anytime, anywhere.

Globalization, increasing cost pressures and quality mean that outsourcing your projects to different cities is becoming increasingly necessary. However, no matter what your industry is and where your project is based, you still need to ensure high quality, short lead times and reliability. But managing and controlling projects in other cities can also be difficult. Here is where the independent investor control of projects from "NBS-ENGINEERING" Ltd. can help.


With a team of consultants / specialists for investment control of specialized projects, we can provide you with the reliable expert skills you need. From site visits, accurate status reports and quality assurance, we can provide you with local service, anywhere in the country - and fast.

Our project investor control services can help you:

  • manage and control the status of the project in terms of engineering, materials delivery, construction and inspection, helping you make informed decisions;
  • to protect your investments and to ensure quality with constant monitoring of the project;
  • ensure that your project adheres to the schedule and can be completed on time and within budget;
  • comply with local and international regulations and quality standards;
  • quickly identify possible problems with regular reports that help you anticipate potential overspending and delays;
  • evaluate technical solutions to monitor the progress of the project.


Our professional inspectors give us the opportunity to offer you complete investor control of projects, no matter where you need it. That is why we are preferred by government agencies, industrial clients, commercial companies and private investors who want reliable investor control of projects.

Investor control, depending on the understanding of the investor, can be included at the stage of investment intention, design or construction.

Our project monitoring services include:

  • participation in economic justifications - selection of consultants for financial analysis, preparation and conclusion of contracts and control of their implementation;
  • preparation of assignments for feasibility study and design;
  • selection of designers, preparation and conclusion of contracts and control of their implementation, as well as participation in the acceptance of the finished project;
  • assistance, completion and submission of the documentation for issuing a construction permit, including a report for assessment of the conformity of the investment project;
  • inspection and assistance for optimization of the quantity-value account;
  • organizing the procedures and participating in the selection of a builder;
  • analysis of the value of construction with market analogues;
  • participation in the selection of subcontractors and suppliers of the site;
  • control of the implementation of construction and installation works;
  • advising the investor in choosing materials that are subject to use in the site;
  • certification of the actually performed works after measurement and control for compliance with the requirements of the project;
  • control over the implementation of construction and installation works - to be in accordance with the bilaterally signed quantity invoices and work projects;
  • control over the observance of the actually performed works with the agreed prices;
  • control over the observance of the implementation schedule;
  • certifying with his signature in Act form 19 the value and volume of the performed and accepted construction and installation works;
  • control of the use of materials in the site, meeting the relevant requirements, to be certified with documents and suspension of their use, as well as imposing their removal in case of deviation from the adopted standards;
  • assistance for the timely solution of problems arising during the construction;
  • control of the pricing and prices of the types of construction and installation works;
  • participation in trial tests of hidden works before their closure, as well as participation in commissions for drafting the necessary acts;
  • assistance in eliminating the hidden shortcomings that appeared during the construction;
  • proposing measures to the investor for elimination of established irregularities in the course of the construction, related to the quality of execution, weaknesses in the organization of the work and violation of the technological process by the contractor;
  • notifying the investor in writing with entered considerations and proposals in case of any suspension or delay of the construction not on his initiative;
  • control of the acquisition and transmission of the executive documentation;
  • creation of an organization and necessary documents for the preparation and making of complex tests and 72-hour tests in operational mode and any other tests required by Bulgarian standards and laws;
  • organization of all procedures related to the handover of the site to the investor and its commissioning (upon authorization by the investor);
  • organizing the training of the operating personnel together with the installers of machines, equipment, facilities and maintenance before handing over the site for use.

Contact us today to discuss how our project investor control services can help you protect your investment, ensure quality and ensure completion on time and within budget.