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For the successful implementation of the project, we follow the project through all its stages from investment intention to completed final product, incl. stages of:

  • Engagement;
  • Planning;
  • Preparation of conceptual design;
  • Design development;
  • Construction documentation;
  • Request for building permits;
  • Contract award / Negotiations;
  • Construction / Construction monitoring;
  • Preparation for commissioning;
  • Assessment of defects.

The implementation of these services is carried out according to the rules of the International Federation of Architects and Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) described in:

RED BOOK - Contractual conditions for construction for construction and engineering sites designed by the contracting authority.

YELLOW BOOK - Contractual conditions for technological equipment and design - construction for electrical and mechanical installation works and for construction and engineering sites designed by the contractor.

GREEN BOOK - short form of contract - guide to FIDIC contracts, harmonized edition of the Red FIDIC.

Contractual conditions for construction of engineering sites designed by the contracting authority - in English.

Tender procedure client-consultant, service agreement "Contractual conditions for engineering", realization and turnkey construction (EPC) (SILVER BOOK).