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NBS-ENGINEERING project management services help you protect your investments with reliable and tracking implementation planning, supported by a firm budget for the absorption schedule. Call our experienced project finance team today.


With the successful experience we have in managing large investments in public or private financing, we are your best partner for ensuring the successful management of your project. The project specialists in our company have technical and financial expertise and experience in various sectors of the industry. They can provide you with advice at all stages of your project. We work with your project partners to:

  • to determine the main tasks and stages of implementation necessary for the completion of its successful implementation without delays and overspending;
  • to study the possible risks related to the project implementation schedule;
  • identify the key stages of implementation and the changes that need to be made as a result of our risk assessment;
  • review and evaluate the implementation process, the status of the main tasks and any budgetary and other issues that could affect the implementation according to the agreed schedule and budget;
  • discuss and recommend remedial and improvement measures to avoid project delays;
  • to balance the contradictions between investment and operating budget;
  • to carry out monitoring after commissioning during the fulfillment of warranty obligations of builders and / or suppliers.


As an independent consultant, we provide invaluable assistance for your project by ensuring that there is no conflict of interest with partners involved in the field of engineering, financing, construction and management, suppliers or project sponsors.

Our services in the field of investment project management include:

  • Project appraisal - a full appraisal of the economic viability of the project, which assesses the possibilities for generating positive cash flows and achieving an acceptable return on invested capital.
  • Preliminary studies - expert consultation at the start of each new project; planning and determining the return on investment; research and analysis of different construction methods.
  • Construction planning - development of schemes and general project plan according to customer requirements. On this basis, we plan the resources that will be spent.
  • Risk assessment - a detailed risk assessment for the investor in the project implementation, as the analysis includes an assessment of the main (construction, operational and market risk), as well as the associated risks (legislative, financial and political risk).
  • Design control - in the design process professional management is necessary in all phases. We provide a competent opinion on the compliance of project developments - conceptual, technical, working, etc ..
  • Preparation of a tender procedure and selection of a contractor - the selection of a construction company requires research, time and professional experience in the construction industry. The service includes joint development of criteria for selection of a contractor, organization of a tender procedure, analysis of the received price proposals and report with the information necessary for conducting negotiations, consultations and drawing up a contract.
  • Construction - during the construction works "NBS-ENGINEERING" Ltd. engages its engineers on site and ensures their permanent presence on the site. Our team acts as a representative of the client, conducting quality control, consulting and registering the progress of construction and installation work, monitoring the implementation of safety measures at the site and environmental protection.
  • Commissioning - in the final phase of the project we take care of the final touches, paying attention to every detail, conducting tests for commissioning, assisting construction supervision in preparing the necessary documentation, familiarizing the client with technological equipment and operating instructions and hand over the completed facility or building.
  • Warranty period after commissioning - often during the warranty period contracting authorities have to conduct procedures related to maintenance / repair of hidden defects in the process of operation, which were not visible during the commissioning of the construction, the experience we have you will be an important support for the smooth running of the procedure and successful finalization with the removed defect (s).
  • Post-warranty period of operation - the assignors / property owners (s) are obliged to maintain the commissioned constructions in good technical condition, and to achieve this they have to assign repair and restoration activities to carry out current or major repairs, or reconstruction of buildings, installations or facilities, our competence will be useful to you to perform technical inspection, information analysis, design (when required) and budgeting to formulate goals and successfully implement them.
  • Services for financial institutions - "NBS-ENGINEERING" Ltd. assists financial institutions in controlling the absorption of loans, project evaluation and more.

Our project management team provides you with comprehensive services and advice for the entire duration of your project. Call our project finance team today to learn more.